Beer Bongs, Beer Hammer & Other Beer Stuff

Dong Bong

Hard plastic penis

10 in. long
3 in.+ girth at head
Boob Tube Beer Bong
Boob Tube

Hard plastic boob

9 in. high x 7.5 in. wide x 5.5 in. deep
Except for gender, these two beer bongs are identical. The funnel could hold up to four 12 oz. beers, which is far too much. The clear plastic hose is 4 ft long, with an inside diameter of 0.75 in., so one bottle of beer will fill the tubing.

These are basic, no-valve beer bongs that will get the job done with big laughs at a low cost.

To use these bongs:
  • Pinch the tubing closed near the bottom of the funnel so no liquid gets past that point.
  • Pour in the beer carefully to minimize foam. Wait a moment for any foam to disippate.
  • When the drinker is ready and gives the signal, the operator lifts the funnel and unkinks the hose. He continues to extend the hose until the beer is consumed.
Beer Hammer

Not bonging but still drinking? You’ll probably need the beer hammer bottle opener. You know, for obvious reasons.
Beer Can Topper
Beer Can Topper

If you are drinking from a can, but aren’t making a statement, correct that with the beer can topper. Snap it on and take your nourishment right from the source, the way nature intended.
Perfect Date Beer Holder
Beer Holder

A three-foot high blowup woman with a hole in the top of her head that holds a beer. The perfect date!


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